Healing Music Retreats

Retreat into Music


Imagine experiencing the healing power of the harp in the charmed circle of a labyrinth.  You are enveloped by the warm sun in a peaceful sanctuary, while the waves of the Pacific lull your senses in the endless rhythm of the earth.

Imagine the powerful and amazing transformation you can achieve in this enchanted state, as you take the time and allow yourself to shed any stresses, focus on yourSELF and utilize the power of sound to shed emotional burdens or focus on physical healing.

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Houses of Peace


Casas Pacíficos means “houses of peace”, and is located on the coast of Ecuador.

This magical location is the hearts’ work of myself and my husband, Lynn Barry.

Casas Pacíficos is the culmination of a dream I have had for two decades, to create a place of peace and healing.

With four charming casitas for guests and our “Casa de Musica”, which is filled with harps and all things musical, we now have such a locale, and we invite you to join us in our magical space. 

A Once in a Lifetime Experience


Healing Music Retreats will be held at least once per year, and while the details will change according to the needs of our guests, you can be sure that harp therapy will always be a huge part of the experience, not only as a recipient, but you will also have an opportunity to PLAY this amazing instrument, if you so desire. 

 Just embracing a harp, and feeling the vibrations course through  your body is incredibly healing.  

One thing is certain - besides feeling better than you have in years, you will leave the retreat with an entirely new outlook on life, because our retreats also include experiences in the local community - from shopping at the local “mercado” to experiencing the mud baths and a visit to the famous “La Chocolatera” - the westernmost point in South America.  

Retreat to Casas Pacificos


For more information about Casas Pacíficos, in Punta Carnero, Ecuador, visit our website.   

Our 2019 Magical, Mystical Healing Music Retreat will be held at Casas Pacificos from  

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