Music, Mind and Matter Retreat 2020

For a Strong Body and a Healthy Mind


In 2020, I am  holding the first ever 

Music, Mind and Matter Healing Retreat.

This is a powerful extension of the actionable information I share in my book, Music, Mind and Matter 

With only 5 other attendees, you will receive tips, tools and training to help you fully implement the action steps in Music, Mind and Matter.

 so that you will improve your brain health, strengthen your body, experience less stress and...


Prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s

You will return home with all the tools you need to make your later years your very best!

In Ecuador


 Our 2020 Music, Mind and Matter Retreat will be held at Casas Pacificos from  April 6 to 16.  

Casas Pacíficos means “houses of peace”, and is located on Salinas Peninsula on the coast of Ecuador.

This magical location is the hearts’ work of myself and my husband, Lynn Barry and the culmination of a dream I have had for two decades, to create a place of peace and healing.

In this retreat, we will learn meditation and stress reduction techniques along with creative exercises to strengthen our minds. We will also cook together after shopping in the local mercado, and you will learn to make brain-healthy foods from simple, pure, whole-food ingredients that you can get everywhere.

Creativity and Cameraderie


One of the most enjoyable and important ways to ensure a healthy brain is to connect with others, and we'll have plenty of opportunity to do that during this retreat.

We will play music, sing, dance, exercise, walk the beach, do some sightseeing, and have plenty of time to just "be".

In our 10 days together, you will 

Learn and Institute a holistic approach to a

Strong Body and a Healthy Brain

so that when you return home, you will

be ready and excited to continue this 

powerful, healthy lifestyle.

We'll also have an optional program to help you stay on track once your return home!

Learn More About the Retreat


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Note: this retreat is limited to 6 people so that everyone has the opportunity for one-on-one coaching from me, and everyone has an opportunity for 

hands-on fun in the kitchen!