Back Cover Copy Secrets

Are You Ready to Sell Your Book?

How much time do you have to grab your reader's interest?

About 5 seconds.

What do they read first?

 The back cover.  Yes, you have to have a representative, catchy front cover.  But it's the back cover that will tell potential readers what they need to know in order to decide whether they want to spend their hard-earned money to buy  your book. 

So how do you hook them with your  back page?

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you must have on your Back Cover to Grab your Ideal Reader.

Are you a Self-Help or Transformational Author?

Help is Here to Market your Book

.... even before it is written!

You may have in your mind the most amazing book ever, and have information that can change people's lives.

But if they don't know about it, and you don't actively market the book that you are writing, it will sit on the shelves collecting dust. Worse than that, people who could really use your expertise will never reap the benefits of your work.

You must build a platform, and find the readers who need your book. 

Build a website, decide on an e-mail service, create freebies to bring in readers, plan and execute a blog .... It can seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.

Whether you get a traditional publishing deal or you self-publish, it is up to you to build this platform, and Kate offers coaching services to help you navigate this path.

Write to Kate for more information and to make the plan that will get YOUR book done and in the hands of the people who need it most!