Are Your Fingers Fit?


Are your Fingers Cooperating with You?

Do you sometimes feel that, even though you’re doing lots of exercises and scales, your fingers still won’t go where you want them to?   

And even though you know how you want a piece to sound, you just can't get your fingers to go there?

Maybe it's Time to put your Fingers in Training!

While weekly lessons are important, we generally like to work with our teachers to learn pieces and gradually grow skills in our ongoing exploration of the harp. 

But for some of us, especially adult learners, it is difficult to train our fingers to do the patterns and assume the shapes that allow us to create chords and arpeggios that will allow us to accompany the melody without focusing on notes. 

That's where Let Your Fingers do the Walking comes in. 

Just as you might hire a trainer and go to the gym when you want to get your body in shape, we can do the same thing with our fingers to get them into shape. 


This intensive, four-module program puts you and your fingers into training. I'm the trainer, and I work with you using specially designed exercises to get you and your fingers in shape so that you can get where you want to go, when you want to go there, confidently and musically.


Here’s the rub… You MUST go to the harp gym every day.  Make a commitment to spend at least 20 minutes every day doing the work, because this is muscle memory as much as intellectual memory. Your brain and your fingers need consistent, mindful practice time. If you spend the time, you WILL see great results. 


And you'll have your fingers walking wherever you want them to go on the harp!

Get Started Today

The cost for this program is $225 USD. Register by PAYPAL.  Once you've registered, CLICK HERE to set up a schedule and we'll get started on your finger fitness program!  We'll do an interview  to determine your level of agility and discuss your harping goals, then get you started.

Still not Sure?

I've created a FREE introductory class to help get your fingers warmed up. 

CLICK HERE to sign up and get started right away. 

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