Who is Kate Kunkel?

I came to the harp after a rather twisting journey through careers in the legal profession, the movie industry, and as an entrepreneur.

It wasn’t until 1992, when I had a life-changing experience and was given a dream in which I played a harp, that I finally came to realize my life’s purpose.    

Though there was a period later, when  I was hosting a television show, that the harp and music took a back burner in my career, I realized a few years ago that I was neglecting my heart and my purpose. 

I was losing my JOY because I was ignoring my music, so I took a giant leap to reclaim my gift and devote myself to the harp and the healing power of music.  


I am so grateful that I chose this path because, right here and right now, I am in the perfect place to help other harpists realize their own dreams. It is a wonder to me that I am able to share the lessons I learned as a harpist in Las Vegas to help performers recognize and nurture their own gifts and step out to share their music with others.    

My mission is to help you break free musically, to enjoy learning and to experience the great JOY that music can bring, whether you are making it, or using it in your own personal healing.  

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Several times each week, I post tips for practicing or performing or share unique music acts or tips that will keep you inspired.  

I also often offer fun online challenges and annually I host the Hands and Hearts Virtual Harp Retreat, so be sure to connect to stay on top of all the cool stuff going on in the harp world!

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I have moved to Ecuador where I hold healing music, harp, writing and other retreats.  We also have vacation rentals.  

So if you've ever considered visiting Ecuador, come join us at Casas Pacificos, near Salinas, on the coast of Ecuador! 

Kate Kunkel

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