The Healing Sound of Music

The Healing power of Music is Within your Grasp

If you have trouble sleeping, suffer from anxiety or stress-related illnesses, or if you find yourself impatient or easily angered, then download this FREE guide... FIVE EASY STEPS to Using Sound for Healing.

This guide will give you the tools to identify and mitigate the effects of sonic pollution, and to create a place of peace and healing in your own environment. 


Music, Harps, Reiki and Healing

The article linked here is a great synopsis of the incredible healing power of the harp and music. 

This facet of the harp is one of the reasons Kate began to play, and she became a healing music practitioner shortly after taking up this amazing instrument. Now she is also a vibroacoustic harp therapist, Reiki master and Mindfulness Practitioner.

When receiving a recording or healing session with Kate, you will receive the benefits of all of Kate's work in the healing arts. 

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Personal Harp Recordings


The most incredible experience you will ever have with music. Immerse yourself in the power of your own, Personal Harp Composition for Peace, Healing and Personal Growth based on the Ancient Code of Tones 

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VibroAcoustic Therapy


Experience the power of this amazing modality at Casas Pacificos in Ecuador, where you are enveloped in a coccoon of sound from the harp or specialty frequencies. You can also learn to be a practitioner yourself, online or in person.


Healing Music Retreats


 Imagine experiencing the healing power of the harp in the charmed circle of a labyrinth.  You are enveloped by the warm sun in a peaceful sanctuary, while the waves of the Pacific lull your senses in the endless rhythm of the earth.   

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