Healing Harp Recordings

The Ancient Code of Tones


 A Personal Harp Composition for Peace, Healing and Personal Growth
based on the Ancient Code of Tones.

 Your personal recording can be a brilliant path to deeper communication with your innerSelf, that place within you that can help you set a new course, or confirm the course you’re on. There could also be something that you would do well to release - YOUR music can reveal that, too. 

What Is It?



The ancient Sumerians used a specific Code of Tones as the basis for music that they composed for certain situations, conditions, and people. It was so powerful, that, as it has been passed from musician to musician, from society to society, it has been adapted and used to create incredible pieces of music by numerous composers including Mozart and the famous harpist, Carlos Salzedo.

Playing with the Angels


I learned of this Ancient Code of Tones nearly three decades ago, and have worked with and expanded upon it to create compositions for individuals based on the tones of the musical scale encoded within their names. 

 The way I describe the creation of these compositions is ... It’s as though someone else is guiding my hands over the strings of the harp. I often wonder if it is my guardian angel, or perhaps it is that of the person for whom I am playing.  



 “I’ve become calmer and more serene listening to the beautiful music you wrote. I’m learning what I need to heal Linda,that Linda is a valuable person!!! I will never be able to express enough the love I feel.” Linda Smith 

 “What I found amazing was that I could actually feel the vibrations of the music, a deep tingling traveling throughout my body head to toe (similar to the humming vibration one feels up and down the spine when chanting “Ohm”), giving me a sense of oneness and peace.“ Peg Binder 

 “I slept through the night for the first time in months. Thank you, thank you!” Leila Fischer
“I have never experienced such peace and joy. It felt as though my heart would burst!” Ann Sheridan 

 “From the first time I heard the music Kate created for me, it resonated deep within me as a familiar comfort, much like a long lost lull-a-by.  ... For nearly two years, I have had challenges with swollen glands, I started putting the speakers directly on my skin when I am listening to my music and I am experiencing less and less swelling.  Not only am I noticing a difference for myself, but my family is as well.  I find that I have more harmony in all areas of my life.  My personal recording has truly been a miraculous gift.”  Lynn Allen, The Honoring Hour

Angela Donovan, Creator of the powerful manifesting program, “The Wish” says this about her personal recording:  “Would you believe I’m having difficulty finding the words to describe my feelings toward the music you have so inspirationally created especially for me.  Your talent is truly extra-sensory.”

How Does it Work?



There is no doubt that stress is very powerful. Study after study has shown how it contributes to many illnesses, from migraines to cancer. Before reaching for medication, reach for your music. Tap into the energy that is yours for the taking and activate your body’s powerful capacity to heal itself. When you take the time to focus on your personal music, and how the tones are affecting your psyche and your physical self, you will be able to use those frequencies to their ultimate purpose. Healing.

Out of Tune

If you or someone you love has trouble sleeping, or staying asleep, or if you find yourself getting angry or bursting into tears for no apparent reason, you may be out of tune, and the music created using the key in which you vibrate can correct the imbalance. You are meant to vibrate at a certain frequency, and when you are stressed, or unwell, that frequency changes. If you can focus on your own music, relax, and tune in, your body will tune up, and you will feel much better.

Order Your Recording



Send an e-mail to 

Kate (at) TheHarpLady.ca to let me know that you would like a recording.

You will need to provide me with information about your name and birthdate.

Then you can pay by PayPal... Once we have corresponded I will give you details on how to do that.

For an Individual Recording:
Price: $150 USD
For a Couples Recording:
Price: $200 USD
Workplace Recording:
Price: $200 USD

These are personal recordings, made one at a time, with great love and attention. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of an MP3 file in your e-mail.  

 Personal recordings aren’t limited to individuals
They work miracles in homes and business environments, too, because they tap into the power of sound frequencies, which soothe emotional trauma, and spur creativity and spiritual growth. Ask how you can make your space more peaceful and productive.

Always With You
While meditating or praying, while undergoing medical treatments, or even with you as you work, this recording is always with you, delivering peace and comfort. Use your personal recording before going to sleep, while recovering from an illness, or during stressful times.