Harps and Healing

The Harp Lady offers online harp courses, virtual retreats, lessons and performance coaching.

Mindfulness is the Key to Everything Here

Kate Kunkel's mission in life is to help you overcome whatever blocks may come up in your life through the healing power of story and music. 

You do NOT have to be a "musician" or a "writer" to benefit from the power of mindfulness.  Remember, every moment is a gift.  Pay attention to each and every one!

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Visit Kate in Ecuador!

Kate and her husband, Lynn, live in Punta Carnero, Ecuador where they have a small resort-like property for vacations and retreats.

Casas Pacificos has four casitas for rent where you can enjoy a vacation in their beautiful adopted land.

Casas Pacificos

Punta Carnero, on the Salinas Peninsula, Ecuador

1 (647) 556-7890