Join us for the Virtual Harp Retreat

Five Days, Five Harpists


Welcome to the Second Annual Hands and Hearts Virtual Harp Retreat


Five Harpists over Five Days Share Inspirations and Insights to help YOU Create!

We believe that, if you play the harp, you have something in your heart waiting to be expressed.    

Whether you have a full-sized concert grand or a 22 string lap harp, whether you have been playing 30 years or 3 weeks, during the Hands and Hearts Virtual Harp Retreat, you will learn ways and be inspired to get the music that's in your heart, out through your hands and harp to the world.    

Join us as we share inspiration, tools and proven methods to help you turn a simple musical doodle or chord progression into music that you can share with the world. (Or not!  Just because you create it, doesn't mean you have to share it.  Sometimes, it's good just to play!)

This year, every presenter is offering insights, inspiration and information on playing that will help you get in touch with your creative muse 

Each lesson will air as a live webinar, beginning September 11, at 7:00 p.m. and each lesson will be available until the next webinar airs.    


This Year's Presenters

Anne Crosby Gaudet


Anne is an insightful music educator with a flair for creative learning. Her Music Discoveries publishes an inspiring array of music and resources for harp. “Emoji Modes” is going to change the way you think about and play with modes.

Martha Gallagher


After she spent a summer on a beach with a small harp, Martha's creativity was enhanced even more. She shares some of the techniques and insights she gained, so that you, too, can let your creativity flow from any size harp!     

Sharon Thormahlen


Sharon began playing harp in 1996 and has since completed the Music for Healing and Transition program in 2002. A prolific arranger and composer, Sharon has 16 books to her credit, and has a wellspring of inspiration to share.  

September 11 to 15

Amy Camie


Amy takes you on a journey of self-discovery to awaken that inner connection to your creative self.  You will walk away from this workshop with more confidence, conviction, and belief in yourself PLUS you'll have lots more doodling skills!  

Kate Kunkel


 Kate learned of the Ancient Code of Tones nearly three decades ago, and is excited to share this simple but powerful way to tap into your creative energy. The Code helps you find a starting place to create healing music for yourself and others.    

Registration Now Open!


Registration is NOW OPEN 

In addition to the webinars, you can take advantage of Lifetime Access which includes unlimited access to all the presentations PLUS special bonus material created to support all that you'll learn in the Virtual Harp Retreat. Learn more HERE.

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